These resoruces will be helpful in developing your skills or accessing support materials and content:


Design Process Scaffold You will need to submit a completed scaffold for every design project you do.

Grammar Checklist


Creative Commons access copyright approved images, video and audio

Ultimate directory of free image sources

How to, Tips & Tutorials

Technical drawing support

Access free Windows, Microsoft Office and Adobe Software as NSWDEC Students

3D Printing support

Bring your own device information & guides

CSS, HTML & HTML5 code examples and tutorials

HTML5 Canvas & Javascript code examples and tutorials

GitHub, how to use GITHUB and GIT Cheat sheet

  • The CLI works through the proxy at school:
    git config --global http.proxy http://username:[email protected]:8080
    git config --global https.proxy https://username:[email protected]:8080
  • To remove proxy for home access:
    git config --global --unset http.proxy
    git config --global --unset https.proxy

IE10 F12 Developer Tools (HTML, CSS & JavaScript debugging support tools)

Blender 101

Setting up Blender for real world dimensions

How to pin applications to the task bar for quick access

How to use the snip tool for screen shots (this should be pinned to your task bar)

NSWDEC Web Accessability Tool Kit

Google Classroom support resources

How to use Microsoft Office

Adobe TV

Sketchup tutorials

Touch Typing

Online Tools

eBackpack for file sharing and backing up

Aspect ratio resizing calculator

Colour picker

Colour palette generator

Colour Contrast Analyser

NetFabb Cloud Service 3D object repair

Application Installers

Install Chrome

Install Internet Explorer 11

Install Firefox

Install Safari

Install Blender

Install Google Sketchup Make

Install MakerBot Desktop (slicing software)

Install Opera

Install Notepad ++


Acrobat X Flash plug-in for browsers to play embded multimedia

Google Sketchup *.STL Import/Export plug-in


Custom Systems, periferals and components can be purchaed from ARC & mwave

Raspbrry Pi and Audrino components can be purchased from Element14

Laptop repairs can be done by LFO

Recommended mouse for Graphics Students: Logitech M905